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Why Android is better than Apple’s iOS.??

Every field has various key players, trying to dominate their industry.

If your talk in business or corporate world, you will get MR. Mukesh Ambani (India’s Richest Man) and the Tata Group. In soccer you will get Ronaldo and Messi and, especially in the field like technology, where the nature is so complex and changes happen every day, in such a case every player tries to outrank each other.

However, in the field of mobile operating systems, we can majorly recall two names, that are

  • Android
  • iOS

Android is the operating system which is being used by majorly all the Smartphone manufacturing companies whereas iOS is being used by iPhones only, which are manufactured by Apple.

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Around 5 or 7 years ago, everybody wanted an iPhone in their hand due to flawlessness and smoothness that iPhones operating system offered. Also these were the smart phones which were considered to be one of the safest, although that is still true to some extent.

However current scenario is different and people have shifted to Android phones from iPhones due to lack of innovation.

This is the major reason that why Android phones have been able to capture around 80% to 90% of the total market share.

Every tech reviewer or even average daily consumer is now preferring  Android due to certain reasons like

Pricing difference

Pricing difference

One of the major and most obvious reason is the difference is prices of both the phones. The variation between the prices cannot be considered minimal in any way.

It has been seen that the Apple manufactured iPhone costs as much as double the price of any android smart phone which can be considered in a premium segment.

Except for the Pixel smart phone from Google) the most costly smart phone is from the One Plus brand, and it is still around half or even one-third of the price of Apple’s iPhone top models.

As a result no one is ready to spend that much of money on an iPhone after the fact that Apple has not been able to bring innovation in its products for which it was known earlier.

Expandable Storage

Expandable Storage
Expandable Storage

Although iPhones are made from state of the art technology and with the help of highly skilled professionals, as a result iPhones offer up to 512GB of storage which is enough in isolation. But in today’s scenario where everything is digital, right from documentation to electronic ID’s, from games to business presentations, it has become a necessity to have high storage capacity in smart phones rather than a want.

The feature of removable storage/memory cars provides the user with the flexibility of shifting the data which is stored in m that card particularly.

It also provides a kind of satisfaction and peace of mind to the consumer as they know that, in case of full occupancy of storage there is always an option of adding an external memory device.

Also if a consumer wants its smart phone to process the data at a lightning fast speed, then also it can be done only by the owner of an Android smart phone as he can choose to buy a memory card with high processing speed.

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Removable Battery

This is another feature offered by almost all the android smart phones that in case of any kind of defect in battery, the consumer always has the option to replace the whole battery instead of getting it repaired.

However the services which the owner of an Apple product gets is unparallel to any other brand, as they do not insist on correcting the issue in the phone by replacing that faulty part or repairing it. Instead, they just provide you with a brand new iPhone, which takes the customer satisfaction to whole another level.

Anyways, due to this process the iPhone users need to keep their faulty phones with the Apple service center for some days, it eventually causes frustration within customers as their crucial task takes a pause until a brand new iPhone is provided.

Also if the battery is easily detachable, it makes it very easy for a layman to attach a new battery and remove the faulty ones. Hence, it means that no technical assistance is needed in case of any kind of default in Android phone.

Ease of charging and Listening music

Ease of charging and Listening music
Ease of charging and Listening music

As we know that Apple makes its products in such a way that the accessories which can be used with are only the ones which are manufactured by Apple themselves.

In daily lives, people don’t want to go to a Smart phone brand store and buy small things lives chargers, earplugs etc. these are the things which are people generally like to buy from nearby stores locally. Unfortunately, in case of Apple products, it is not possible

For example, the people who travel on daily basis or have to cover long distances daily due to personal or professional reasons, in such a case there is a very high chance that their earphones might get damaged or their charged may also get damaged due to heavy wear and tear during travelling. Those people may not want to spend their money regularly on these things, especially after considering the fact that these Apple accessories costs as much as double or even triple in some cases as compared to Android based smart phones.

User friendliness of Maps

User friendliness of Maps
User friendliness of Maps

As we know that in Apple products we cannot use Google maps as it is based on a completely different operating system. This is a major drawback for Apple users as no one can deny the fact that the smoothness and ease of use which Google maps offer, is still unmatched, especially when compared to iPhones navigating skills.

It becomes a major reason for going towards Android and buying Android based phones instead of iPhones.

Also the listing of various shops and other localities is much more specific and correct in the case of Google maps, which gives it another edge over the iPhone.

Highly Customizable 

Highly Customizable
Highly Customizable

It’s no wonder that every person is different and one same size doesn’t fit all. This philosophy even works in the field of technology, specifically operating systems.

Each and every individual wants his phone to work and to perform in the manner he wants based on his specific needs. For this to happen, operating systems need to be developed in such a way, that space for modification is provided to every individual is provided, to a certain extent.

This feature is only provided by Android phones and there is no matching the Android operated phones in this area.

It’s not that iPhones do not provide these features at all, but the features they provide is to a minimal extent and are negligible, especially if compared to Android.

After considering the market conditions, change in customer preferences due to above mentioned factors and analyzing data, one can clearly make out that Apple used to be the leader in innovation and making products with latest technology with good built but in present times, this is not the case.

People have shifted to Android operated smart phones due to ease of use, user friendliness, and easy maintenance. And this can be clearly seen by the fact that recently launched companies like One Plus has taken a major amount of sales from Apple in the premium smart phone segment.

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