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5 Highest Paying Freelance skills in 2019

According to a survey conducted in 2017 in India, freelancers earn around $40,000 yearly, which is more than what a non-freelancer earn the whole year round.

Freelancing in most countries is on the upswing. It means that to remain in demand freelancers need to upgrade their freelancing skills and services. Being on the verge of choosing between health, social life, and bank balance, people consider freelancing as an ideal solution.

5 Highest Paying Freelance skills in 2019
5 Highest Paying Freelance skills in 2019

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As a freelancer, you have a couple of choices like designing, writing, or editing. Having an insight about what could work the best for you is crucial. You see, most of the companies already have programmers, web designers, and developers in-house. If your thinking of doing it full time or just for some extra income, choosing a field that pays high wages is vital.

Skills that are in high demand

Here are some skills that you need to be in the market as a freelancer.

  • Website development

Do you know Java scripting, CSS and HTML? If you know the coding of these computer languages then there is good news for you. As the market of e-commerce and mobile phones are more dominant in the tech industry, demands for web-designers and developers will only increase. Luckily, living in the global age, the demand for freelance web designers and developers is rapidly growing.

  • Graphic designing

Graphic designing is the field that will always stay on the very top of the freelancing industry. Most companies do not hire designers who could design for the company. With the global age, marketing is done through the internet, which means that every company needs a designer to create a logo or make a video for marketing their products.

No company is complete without a brand. A designer is mainly hired to do this job namely, producing a band. The entrepreneur uses different mediums of graphic designing for marketing. Infographics, for example, is in high demand these days.  Therefore,  it is necessary for a designer to be well-versed in all fields of graphic designing.

  • Content Marketing and writing

Content marketing and developing is a necessary part of marketing as well. This is why content writers and developers are needed. The main job of a content writer is to establish a suitable container for the company to be posted ion their official website.

Apart from that, content writers also do ghost writing and editing for the writers who have the ideas but can not make the time to write their content.

Content writing is considered s the hottest field for freelancers. It is not easy for everyone to write therefore they hire a freelancer to do the job. These writers do not just produce content that describes a particular company, but they also blog for businesses and content marketing.

Content writers use Wikipedia as a place to get recognition as a freelancer. They go to various Wikipedia page creator sites so they can edit it and add in information on Wikipedia.

To be a freelancing writer one need a lot of writing practice and a creative mind to produce eye-catching content.

  • Social media managers

Nowadays social media has become a platform that is used for marketing purposes. For example, Facebook. Facebook is a social media platform where pages can b created to develop traffic by sharing and adding content.

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Almost every other company has their social media page that promotes their product and brands. This becomes a massive opportunity for social media managers because most of these businesses and brands start looking for brand managers to manage their social media page and site for them.

They have a massive chance of earning high wages just by sitting at home.

  • Copywriters

A copy writer is somewhat similar to a content writer. These writers but they do not write for companies. Instead, they write content for different websites to describe their products and services.

They can be a Wikipedia page creator or work on different encyclopedia websites to describe the services of various companies.

These are the top five freelancing skills in demand. Apart from that, there are many others that can also help you in your freelancing career. They include:

  • Cybersecurity: it is where freelancers find loopholes on e-commerce websites.
  • Event management: although companies hire professional event managers for their events it also has a significant value in the freelancing industry.
  • Tourism guides: as described by the name, tourist hires guides so they can guide their way
  • Journalist: many freelancers adopt journalism as their freelancing career uncovering the stories that yet had to be covered by the professionals.
  • Cabbies: companies like uber hire freelancing drivers, so they can drive passengers around.

These are the various freelancing skill that a person can adopt as their working careers. As said before, freelancing is the way to earn wages without losing comfort, health or social life.

In contrary to the regular paid jobs freelancing jobs have a chance of earning better wages. According to some surveys conducted in the US, freelancers make up almost 35% of the US workforce.

The bottom line is that companies are always looking for an outsource to work out their problems in a smarter way. It is cheaper for them but proves to be a running source of income for freelancers. However, with the developing world, freelancers also have to develop their skills to stay in demand.



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