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How KYC Compliance helps ICOs to go GLOBAL?

Every online venture conducting an ICO wants to ensure that the maximum number of investors buy their utility tokens so that the digital platform can take off ASAP. Now, everyone wishes to achieve the level of success such as Telegram ICO that was able to raise capital in excess of a billion US dollars. KYC for ICOs can enable blockchain-based projects to reach out to a global audience. An identity verification solution that is infinitely customizable, such as Shufti Pro, cannot only examine the provided credentials of the investors -via ID verification –  but can help bring in investors for an ICO from all over the world.

How KYC Compliance helps ICOs to go GLOBAL?
How KYC Compliance helps ICOs to go GLOBAL?

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Digital Transparency for ICOs

Officially issued Identity documents provide the best chance to check the true identity of a potential investor. Although, there are many ICO KYC services that claim to offer impeccable ID verification services to their customer. But they lack the necessary tools to properly verify the nationally issued identity documents from a large number of countries, causing problems such as online identity theft, money laundering activities and a financial scam that can seriously hurt the credibility of an ICO. A top-notch KYC service provider will never make any compromise over the credibility of its customer’s coin offering. Shufti Pro has already partnered with leading names such as Kick ICO and nOS.io to ensure a hassle-free ICO KYC process for these giants in the blockchain industry.

There are many it managed services that can provide help to maintain a steady connection for all such ventures.

Worldwide Document Support

If an upcoming ICO is looking for a KYC verification solution that can offer flawless ID verification to its customers, then they should surely opt for Shufti Pro as it offers worldwide document support. It means that Shufti Pro can verify identity documents from more than 225 countries of the world. Although most ICO for US citizens is not available, apart from the US, most of the countries allow their citizens to invest in online token sales. ICO KYC requirements list out an authentic identity document and Shufti Pro cannot only verify official identity cards of 225+ countries but a potential investor can perform ID verification through their driving license and passport as well with the help of ICO KYC services offered by Shufti Pro.

Universal Language Coverage

ICO KYC process hits a proverbial wall when they have to identify and validate official documents printed in foreign languages. Especially the documents carrying complicated scripts such as Hebrew, Arabic, Cantonese, and Hindi are very hard to verify because an ID verification system cannot understand those complicated characters. But Shufti Pro is based on Artificial Intelligence that allows it to offer Universal Language Coverage to its customers availing KYC for ICOs solution.

Shufti Pro is an ideal KYC verification service that can enable ICOs to attract global investors without worrying about transparency or compliance-related issues. Shufti Pro supports its customers in conducting a smooth token sale with the help of its bespoke verification process that includes Facial verification, document verification, biometric consent verification, and handwritten note verification.

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